Myssjö gård
Sleep in floating tree tents



You float about 1 meter above the ground and experience nature up close. The advantage of living in a tree tent is that you get away from the ground, you avoid the cold and the uneven surface. If it's a rainless night, you can sleep without the rain cover and
watch the starry sky through the insect net. And you, a lake view is promised.

For you who is a camper - spend the night in a floating tree tent

We offer a unique experience and overnight stay in tree tents from Tensile Stingray. The tree tent can withstand a maximum weight of 400 kg and is set up in suitable trees when you arrive at us. Have you ever tried sleeping in a tree tent before? Relax, we'll show you how to jump in and out and sleep in the tent.

Trädtält utan skydd
Uteplats med kök
Trädtält med vindskydd
tittut ur trädtält
gårdens bastu
gårdens relaxavdelning
paddling på yngern
trädtält inifrån

To bring with you from home

Bring your own sleeping bag and pillow, clothes according to the weather, swimwear, flashlight and suitable outdoor shoes. It's a good idea to bring underwear to sleep in, just in case it's a chilly night.

Rental of pillow and sleeping bag, breakfast buffet and meal package are available for purchase as an option when booking.