Myssjö gård
Fishing crayfish from a raft


(3 augusti - 30 september 2023)

Anyone can fish for crayfish - it's both easy, fun and exciting! And it also provides a moment of relaxation and socializing.

So bring your loved ones and join us on a comfortable crayfish fishing trip from a raft with a guide on Lake Yngern in Stockholm County. Between fishing there is plenty of time to explore the area or just hang out on the island.

You can enjoy the catch at home.

Fishing crayfish from a raft


Join us on a unique and personal crayfish fishing trip from a raft on Lake Yngern, one of Sweden's cleanest lakes, with an overnight stay on the farm. The crayfish fishing period runs from 3 August to 30 September 2023.

At 5 p.m., we put out the cages/cages (10 cages per party, max. 4 people) and the following morning we collect the catch together. You get to take home and cook the crayfish you caught. The catch is usually between 2-4 kilos.

Between fishing there is plenty of time to explore the area or just hang out on the island.

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SEK 1,300 per party (1-5 people) + cost of overnight stay (read more under the heading Choice of overnight stay)

Included in the price:

  • Life jacket
  • Transportation to and from the island by raft
  • 1o cages per party (1-5 people)
  • An evening and a morning tour with a guide

To bring:

  • Clothes after weather
  • Plastic box or similar for storing crayfish.
  • Own food and drink during the stay on the farm. Refrigerator is available.

Additional price: for SEK 300, you can cook the crayfish with us.
In that case, bring your own dill (about 30-40 dill crowns) and possibly other ingredients to your taste. We have large pots and good cooking facilities.


Choice of accommodation

Stay comfortably in the farm's oldest log cabin
Fresh new sheets in bunk bed. A private crawl space with a wood-burning stove.
1-2 people: SEK 2,000

3-5 people: SEK 2,500

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Glamping in a safari tent
With its 40 square meters, our safari tent is like an entire apartment with dining area, kitchen and two bedrooms. This is a good option for those who want to stay out in nature but still want to live comfortably in real beds. Missing sheets in double and single bed in safari tent.

1-4 people: SEK 2,600

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Stay in style at Flottellet

Do you want to experience something unique in a relatively unexplored place? Then you should spend the night on Yngern's only floating flotilla! Here you can enjoy each other's company and the surrounding nature. Swimming skills are required when staying overnight on the Flottell, as you will be alone out on the lake. The flotilla has a double bed made with mangled sheets when you arrive. Here there is a grill, kitchen equipment, toilet, bathing ladder and breakfast is included.

1-2 people: SEK 3,700

Read more about overnight stays at the Flottellet

Sleep in floating tree tents
You float about 1 meter above the ground and experience nature up close.

The advantage of living in a tree tent is that you get away from the ground, you avoid the cold and the uneven surface. If it's a rainless night, you can sleep without the rain cover and watch the starry sky through the insect net.

Bring your own sleeping bag and pillow, clothes according to the weather and suitable outdoor shoes. It is good to bring underwear to sleep in, in case it is a chilly night. Let us know if you want to rent a pillow and sleeping bag. at a cost of SEK 200 per person.

1-2 people: SEK 1,500

Note! Maximum two adults and one child in one tent.

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When you book
Mark the registration of interest with crayfish fishing, desired date, choice of accommodation and how many of you there are.

Crayfishparty at the farm

Stay two nights with us on the island and feast on crayfish. In that case, agree with us beforehand.