Myssjö gård



We feel good from being out in nature. Both physically and mentally.
At Myssjö you can enjoy the silence, hike, take a paddle trip or experience nature floating on a raft on Lake Yngern.

We are in Stockholm County, so there is a lot to experience and explore here in the area.

Övernattning i trädtält


We pick you up from the mainland side and guide you around southern Yngern, one of Sweden's cleanest lakes that has a rich animal and natural life. Our rafts simmer and are powered by an electric motor so that you can talk to each other and listen to nature on the journey. There is also a bathing ladder on the raft to easily get up and down from the water if you feel like swimming.The float suits most people - old and young and takes about 1.5 hours.

Glampling i safaritält



The island of Myssjö is approximately 3 kilometers long and 2 kilometers at its widest and consists of varied forest with, among other things, old oaks. You can see traces in the forest of the farmland that once existed on the farm. On the island there are both beaver, deer, moose, badger, fox and wild boar. The island also has a rich birdlife. Sea eagles, ospreys and great loons can be found here, among other things.

Broderat hjärta i korsstygn


Experience nature by paddling on the lake. Take a break somewhere along the way and explore the islands in Yngern, which is one of Sweden's cleanest lakes. There is a rich animal and natural life here. Check out one of the beaver nests nearby. If you're lucky, you can see them swimming in the water.


Time for a birthday party, reunion or bachelorette party? We offer different types of outdoor and indoor environments as well as outdoor cooking. Sometimes the simplest things can be the

most memorable.

Glampling i safaritält

(1 August - 30 September 2024)

Anyone can fish for crayfish - it's both easy, fun and exciting. It is also a time for relaxation and socializing. So bring your loved ones and join us on a comfortable crayfish fishing trip from a raft on Lake Yngern in Stockholm County.

Between fishing there is time to explore the area and the island of Myssjö

which you spend the night on.

Vedleldad bastukamin


Unwind and relax. After a long day at work or an activity outside in nature, it can be nice to land in the farm's sauna. Let the warmth of the wood-burning stove embrace you. Hang out in the farm's cozy relaxation area and finish with a dip in one of Sweden's cleanest lakes. Beacuse you are worth it.

Broderat hjärta i korsstygn


Sörmlandsleden is a winding system of hiking trails that includes approximately 1,000 kilometers of groomed trails in Södermanland. Among the towns that the trail passes are Södertälje, Trosa, Nyköping, Stavsjö, Katrineholm, Hälleforsnäs, Malmköping and Järna. Stages 12 and 13 of the Sörmlandsleden trail are adjacent to Myssjö gård.


Places of interest nearby

There is lots to see and do inte area. Take the opportunity and pay a visit in connection with an overnight stay with us.


Far from standard alpaca offers alpaca walks, yoga and meditation in the alpaca paddock. All activities must be booked in advance.


DockMorans museum has about 1,500 dolls housed in a section of a private home. The farm dates back to the 1880s.

Bommersvik's restaurant offers freshly prepared and locally produced food. The restaurant prepares food with care and quality, with sustainability and care for the raw material. Book a table before arrival.


At Öster Malma Wildlife Park visitors are given an opportunity to see Swedish wild animals in their natural environment. The park is also used for teaching. Here, it is important to maintain the feeling and respect that these are wild animal species, even if all the animals kept in the park are bred in captivity. The animals therefore do not stand and wait inside the fence, but will be able to be viewed in their natural environment.


The hole of Ytterjärna with cultural centers, architecture, cafes and shops.

Södertälje turistbyrå

Nykvarns turistbyrå 

Gnesta turistbyrå

About Allemansrätten - do not disturb or destroy

When you stay out in nature, you use the right of the public. Whether you go for a walk, kayak, pick flowers and berries or just sit on a rock and think.
The public right means that we all have access to nature, but that includes both rights and obligations. Do not disturb and do not destroy is the main rule in the public right.

Leave no trash behind
Every year, quantities of rubbish end up in nature. Plastic bags, aluminum cans and disposable packaging remain for hundreds of years and harm nature and all the animals that live there. Therefore, it is important that you take care of your rubbish, either by sorting your rubbish in a designated place on the farm or taking the rubbish home.

Show consideration for everyone who lives and stays in nature
The public right applies to all of us. Animals can, for example, become frightened if people get too close. It is especially important during the early summer, because the birds are nesting and the wildlife is sensitive. Also keep in mind that littering can harm the animals, so don't leave litter or leftover food for the animals.

Clean visit to the toilet in nature
If you need to relieve yourself in nature, you can dig a pit, at least 100 meters away from the campsite or hiking trail. Afterwards, you bury, set fire to, or take the toilet paper home so that it doesn't remain littering. Remember that when you leave nature, it should not be seen that you have been there.

Allemansrätten means, among other things, that you get:

  • Burn in designated areas, but not on rocks or if there is a fire hazard.
  • Tent, but need to check which places and how long it is okay.
  • Move almost anywhere in nature, but not on someone's private property.
  • Pass gates and fences on public land, but remember to close the gate behind you.
  • Pick wild berries, flowers and mushrooms, but don't break branches from live trees or pick things that are protected.
  • Take your dog out into nature but please keep it leashed, especially during spring and summer.
  • Bathe almost anywhere, but not on someone's property or in an area intended to protect birds.

You also need to be aware of protected areas and nature reserves that may entail different rules than what is stated here. Read more about the public right at

Naturvårdverkets webpage