Myssjö gård
About us


Hello curious nature lovers!

We are Sandra and Mattias Vegis and we run and own Myssjö farm. It is also one of us that you meet if you choose to come and visit. We have been a couple since 2006 and have three children together.

We fell in love with the property on the island the first time we saw it in the summer of 2018. The location by the water, the silence and the tranquility that surrounded us, despite being in Stockholm County, was something absolutely fantastic. What if we could get more people to discover and appreciate nature out here?

After some thoughts and a pandemic later, Sandra decided to resign from a permanent position to start up the business Myssjö gård. It may seem crazy, but the time had come to move on in life.
Our goal is to create a meeting place with sustainable and genuine nature experiences that add a golden edge to people's lives. That's why we offer accommodation and activities that inspire you to experience nature here with us.

We want Myssjö gård to be a place to relax and escape everyday life, for a while. Whether you're looking to relax or explore all that's around here, we hope this is the place for you to land. Who knows, maybe you'll learn a little more about yourself and appreciate nature even more. Then we have succeeded.

Welcome back to nature, welcome to us at Myssjö farm!